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Registered Charity No: 1103478
Hope Africa

Every 14 seconds AIDS turns a child into an orphan!
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Hope Africa is an international Christian charity which was registered with the UK Charity Commission in 2004.

Our vision is to bring hope to people in Africa. This hope may come in the form of food to eat, safe water to drink, help for families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS or by empowering people to set up small businesses which will enable them to change their futures.

Hope Africa has a clear mandate to bring hope and empower people in Africa and put an end to systemic poverty.

In many poor communities, parents have little to leave their children except, perhaps, memories of the time they have shared. By partnering with Hope Africa you can help bring an end to the life of poverty that is passed from one generation to the next.

Our aim is to impact one life at a time. Our long-term vision is to diversify the charity across Africa.

What we do?

"Although there are lots of NGOs and charities in Malawi and other African countries, the poorest of the poor are not spotted. You really have to identify the villages which are off the beaten track to find the poorest people who have no food, no water and no hope. They take each day as it comes without knowing where food will come from. Hospital facilities are mostly found in big cities and those people in the remote villages, in most cases, do not have access to hospitals. As a result people in these remote villages die of diseases and illnesses that otherwise could have been prevente".

We have found people living in the middle of nowhere with nothing. We have found out that through Hope Africa's local church committee, we can identify the poorest people in the villages. This brings hope and a future to people who otherwise are forgotten.

Founder and Trustee – Hope Africa

In 2002, Hope Africa started its work in Blantyre District, southern Malawi in Southern Africa. This work includes providing safe and clean water by drilling boreholes; repairing existing broken boreholes and distributing maize (Malawi's staple food) every month to support vulnerable families.

During the past three years we had fed thousands of people each month through our Bread of Life Programme and we are continuing to do so every month. Another interesting and life saving project that we have commissioned in the same area is the drilling of eight bore holes which is providing life-saving clean water to over 5,000 people.


  • Mrs Andrea Membe – Hope Africa - Founder and UK Director
  • Mr Fred Membe - Overseas Director
  • Mr. Harry Ntuwa - General Manager, Soche Tours and Travel
  • Mr Johns B Mauluka – Accountant
  • Ms Effie Kadzakumanja – Travel consultant, Ulendo Tours
  • Ms Phyllis Mulenga - State Registered Nurse, John Hopkins Project (USA funded), Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital
  • Mr. David Noel Nyasuku - LLB (Hons), Nyasulu & Nyasulu Law Firm
  • Mr Eric Cockburn - Senior Lecturer - Leeds College of Technology
  • Mr Jack Chawawa - Senior Engineer

Hope Africa's Objectives: ~

  • Increase our food programme to support thousands more vulnerable families each month.
  • Drill and provide more new boreholes and where necessary repair any damaged ones to enable families to enjoy safe and clean water.
  • Establish a Seed and Fertiliser programme to enable families to plant their own crops and be self-dependant food-wise.
  • Provide Irrigation Systems to take care of drought spells.
  • Empower people through small business grants to set up and manage their own businesses to change their community and improve future opportunities for future generations.
  • Provide on-going prayer support.
  • Establish HIV/AIDS Community Education Programmes for families.
  • Provide funding to improve basic facilities in hospitals such as new beds, mend or repair broken beds and wheelchairs and also decorating dilapidated rooms.

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