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Every 14 seconds AIDS turns a child into an orphan!
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Priority Funding Projects

Focus: Food Programmes
Hope Africa funds a monthly food programme supporting thousands of families who desperately need food. Matindi Church of Central African Presbyterian Bread of Life Committee buys local maize and distributes it to the most vulnerable families in the local community each month. Each month we receive detailed accounts of how Hope Africa's money has been spent and which families have received food. They send these monthly reports to us in the UK through DHL.

Our vision:
Families will be able to grow their own range of food crops and have surplus to be able to buy other basic and necessary household items. Please help Hope Africa change their future by funding our food programmes.

Focus on: Water and Sanitation
Around the world 5,000 children die each day from water-born diseases caused by unclean water.
Hope Africa provides funding for boreholes and repairs to existing boreholes in areas where there is greatest need.
The difference that clean water is making to the lives of thousands of people in Malawi is significant and heart warming. The most obvious benefit of access to safe water and sanitation is a reduction in water-born diseases. The economic position of poor families is often dramatically improved when they gain access to clean water.

Our vision: We would like to continue drilling bore holes and also purchase a borehole drilling machine in the future so that we can drill boreholes in Malawi and neighbouring countries. This will ensure that thousands of people have access to adequate safe water and sanitation in the communities.

Focus on: Secondary School Sponsorship Academy
Systemic poverty in Malawi has resulted in generation after generation of people facing the same problems. Poor education, few employment opportunities, sickness and disease, poor water and sanitation, the list goes on.

2008 marks the launch of Hope Africa's Sponsorship Academy. We will be sponsoring the top three students from Matindi Primary School and many other schools in Malawi by funding their Secondary School education. This will enable these students to enjoy a brighter future and better employment opportunities as they will be able to attend top class private secondary schools.

Focus on: Seeds and Fertiliser
For future economic development it is vital that families are able to grow their own produce and become independent.

Most families have no money to buy seeds and fertiliser for their gardens to plant maize and other food stuffs. For decades there has been an over reliance on the traditional Malawian crop maize which has taken all the nutrients from the ground coupled with insufficient rainfall and no irrigation – each year families are faced with a potential famine as they wait to see if there will be rainfall.

Our vision: This year we will be starting our seed and fertiliser programme. Families will be able to register for free seeds and fertiliser. We will also be funding a research project to find out how to irrigate the area to improve the annual harvest of maize and other crops.

Focus on: Small Business Grants
This year we will be identifying small business opportunities within the local community to enable economic development in the villages. We will then be offering small business grants alongside business training to appropriate applicants. Our aim is to see people enjoy a better standard of living and to develop opportunities to pass onto their children.

Our vision: By setting up small businesses like tyre mending, hairdressing, small shops and dress-making the local community will start to see change which will benefit their families today and their families in the future.

Focus on: HIV/AIDS in the Community
In remote rural areas in Africa the concept of HIV/AIDS is still widely misunderstood, heavily stigmatised and very little is being done to assist village people.
Five years ago in Malawi, only the rich could afford antiviral treatments for HIV/AIDS. The rest of the population were faced with a certain and terrifying death.
Today healthcare is changing and there is treatment available, however many people still are too scared to talk about the disease, if they are sick treatment is frequently postponed and there are many stigmas surrounding the disease. Today thousands of people who are infected with HIV are receiving ARV's. But there is still a long way to go.

With one million orphaned children in Malawi it is essential that education and support is available. Hope Africa would like to establish an education and support programme for families affected and infected by HIV/AIDS to raise awareness and reduce the fear and stigma's surrounding the disease so that future generations will have the ability and knowledge to make the right choices about their sex lives.

Our vision: To halt and reverse the impact of HIV and AIDS in the communities where we work.

Focus on: Medical Supplies
By identifying the basic needs of local hospitals – provide grants for repairing beds and wheelchairs for patients and provide funding to ensure basic maintenance requirements are being met. For example improving ceilings and painting walls.

Our vision: To see patient care improved in hospitals and local community centres.